Thursday, May 12, 2011

Uppsala - Korven med brod! Sweden's French Hot Dog

The Global French Swedish Danish Hot Dog
At Its Best

Fransk korv med brod. Or Fransk korven med brod, for more than one, we think.  French hot dog, Swedish style.

Find street kitchen wagons - near parking lots, the sights, this one in Uppsala.  Meet the maestro within, conducting the hanging condiments:  for hefty squeezes of ketchup, mustard and a great runny mayo.

The baguette comes with the hole already in the middle, just waiting to be grilled up just so, then squeeze in the mustard and ketchup and mayo, and jam in the hot dog - sausage - that you already grilled up on its own  -- Lantmannen-Unibake dot com -- Fast-Food/French-hot-dog-baguette/

Shake hands.

See one at the Lantmannen site above. Our own photo is at a Danish stand, in Roskilde, see it below --

French hot dog, Scandinavian fast food (This one from Roskilde, Denmark)

It can be a good thing to get a standardized product when you want to eat fast.  Bring thesse, please, to America,

Why is this called a French hot dog? 

The Lantmannen site says the French hot dog probably comes from use of the soft baguette. Is that so?  The Lantenmannen site says it originated in Denmark, but we first found it in Sweden.  We never noticed it was on the menu in Denmark -- lured by the pork sandwiches instead.

Enjoy! These were made to order, no stack of already grilled dogs sogging on the side, or barely heated rolls. No mess. These could readily be tossed down the seats at a ball game -- far superior to our open-sided ones, and they stay hot longer. 

Fast food here is in the sense of getting it faster than restaurant, but not pre-made.  That would make this product a detriment at the ball game, where the dogs get jammed in a side-slit bun, seasoned, and tossed in a hopeful napkion. But the taste here is better. No soak. No joke.

Stroll with yours around the Cathedral area. Find doors with herringbone patterns, this perhaps to what had been a school attached.  Traces of changes in architecture, uses, a roof at one point.

Sit here and enjoy the hot dog.

Sit out here and enjoy the hot dog.

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