Monday, June 20, 2011

Helsingborg - Oresund Ferry to Helsingor, Denmark


The ferry port, at the narrowest point between Sweden and Denmark, starts a passage of about 20 minutes. With delays in Goteborg, no reservation is needed for this commuter ferry across to Denmark.  The waterway is the Oresund, between the Kattegat and the Baltic Sea, heading for the North Sea, and across to Denmark.We enjoy transportation and construction workers in shorts in Scandinavia and other countries. Calves international.

Jaws. Maw. Fear not. Also note the Scandinavian workman's suit, in short pants.  These are also welcome sights on roadwork sites, construction.  We found them in Northern Germany as well as Scandinavia. We did not whistle, although most times we would have been justified in showing some appreciation.

How quiet? Very quiet.

On the other side: Helsingor, Denmark; and Castle Kronborg just outside, on the point; and Shakespeare's vision of old Kronborg, an imagined Elsinore.

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