Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lacko Castle, Lake Vanern

Lacko Castle, Kallandsoe, Lake Vanern

Lacko Castle looks modest in size from the main entrance, but extends to the side and back to show areas without windows, clearly for defense in times past.

Lacko Castle as a fortification site dates from 1298, see  This building, however, was built in the 17th Century.  See

One Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie had to vacate in 1681 when King Karl XI expropriated many nobles' estates.  Magnue Gabriel, Count de la Gardie, had been a chief administrator, but his foreign policy did not produce good results, and the King was displeased.   Magnus Gabriel died impoverished.  See  Now it has been refurnished with 17th Century furnishings, tapestries, an armoury with military as well as hunting collections, paintings.  Exhibits are held -- a museum. We arrived too late for that, but had full access to the outside grounds.

This bridge looks old but is probably refurbished as well.

Find your way here after Kinnekulle, out a long peninsula at Kallandsoe.  Then aim for Goteborg.

The architecture modified through the years, from narrow arrow-slit windows for defense, to more an open look when defense was not the priority.  It became more a residence than a fort.  The area now is park-like, with a big parking lot suggesting many tour buses, and families on holiday or the day.

The best way to get the scope of the castle is to back up. Back, back, back.

It would be faster to take the tour boat, but we like the flexibility of a car: stay long or short, change mind.

Lacko as a surname is rooted in Eastern and Central Europe.  See Lacko is identified at that site as Hungarian, a pet name or nickname for the more formal Laszlo (think of Laszlo in Ingrid Berman and Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca).  Slovak, Czech, Slovenian, Croatian, says the site. But Lacko is also a local form of Vladislav, and that may make more sense geographically.

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